Quality and environmental policy

The vision of the KAJO group of companies is the expansion and development of product alternatives from renewable raw materials for a sustainable future – striving for a climate-neutral production environment.

We want to further expand our position as one of the leading manufacturers of biodegradable lubricants through the consistent expansion of our product portfolio.

Quality and environmental protection is the central part of the self-image of the KAJO group of companies and is based on the following principles:

Quality and environmental protection

  • starts at the management level and concerns all employees
  • must be integrated into products and processes from the very beginning
  • means understanding, implementing and exceeding expectations of interested parties (employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and society)
  • means complying with legal requirements
  • means sustainable use of environmental resources
  • requires continuous improvement based on measurability and transparency
  • pursues an equal ranking of ecological and economic goals

The implementation of the quality and environmental policy is the basis for our corporate goals:

  • the generation of profit and thus the prerequisite for sustainable corporate security
  • continuous improvement of environmental performance and prevention of environmental pollution
  • development of innovative products in order to develop future markets

The quality and environmental policy is implemented through operational goals and measures, measurably controlled and continuously improved in order to reduce negative quality and environmental impacts.

Quality and environmental protection are integrated into products and processes from the outset

The goal is to continuously develop new and innovative products that meet and exceed the ever-changing demands on lubricants and colour pastes from the market, customers and the environment. Our know-how and experience for individual product requirements is our strength. KAJO GmbH carries a wide range of biodegradable products bearing the European Ecolabel or the German Blue Angel eco-label, using renewable raw materials and ecological packaging as much as possible.

Understanding, implementing and exceeding the expectations of interested parties

We are proud of the performance of our employees! Therefore, personal and professional development in a working environment with efficient occupational health and environmental protection is of utmost importance. Job security, participation in continuous improvement process projects and performance-related pay are our top priorities.

Our customers are our partners. We want to recognize their wishes and requirements at an early stage, understand them and convert them into innovative products on the market.

We maintain fair dealings with our suppliers and service providers in a long-term, partnership-based cooperation. We prefer partners who pursue the same quality and environmental demands as the KAJO group of companies.

Quality and environmental protection are integral parts of our communication measures in order to promote awareness within the scope of our influence among all interested parties.

Continuous improvement based on measurability and transparency

In order to demonstrably improve quality and environmental performance, the management of the KAJO Group of Companies regularly sets new measurable goals, which are implemented in the form of a continuous improvement management or environmental action plan, evaluated by key figures and regularly reviewed.

Compliance with legal and social requirements

In addition to the compliance with internal KAJO guidelines and requirements, it is a matter of course for us to comply with the legal requirements of legislators and authorities in all areas in which we are active. New requirements are recognized in time, checked and implemented in our quality and environmental management system in a suitable form.

Fair competition and anti-trust law are decisive for us. The KAJO group of companies is committed to the 10 principles of the Global Compact Guiding Principles of the UN. KAJO represents a consistent anti-drug policy. The consumption of addictive substances is strictly prohibited at the workplaces. KAJO is regularly involved in various support projects to help people and the environment.

Under the generic term danger prevention, we attach great importance to preventive measures. We regularly carry out appropriate training and education measures in order to ensure the correct action in emergency situations.

Sustainable use of environmental resources

Within the scope of the commitment to environmental protection, the aim is to ensure sustainable management in terms of the significant environmental aspects and thus to reduce the environmental impact of the KAJO group of companies. The responsible handling of the environment and the optimal use of resources, e.g. the expansion of self-generated renewable energies, is considered during the entire product life cycle. Also the topic recycling enjoys high priority: Production waste shall be recycled or reintroduced into the internal production cycle, if possible, in order not to waste resources.

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